Download here the documents you need :


pdfRegistration Pack Runner (zipped file)


Registration Pack Supporter (zipped file)


Each of these packs contains obligatory documents to send back to us, as well as the form to fill in on the website (see above) : commitment formula, sponsoring form, medical certificate and race regulations for the runners' packs, and commitment formula only for the supporters pack.

NB: Participation in le TREG® , an event in unusual and extreme surroundings requires, as well as a suitable training, good health at the time of your participation.

Medical check-up less than 1 year is mandatory for any runners, including an EKG or stress cardiac test, depending on the following rules:

- EKG less than 2 years for: all runners aged under 35 years and for all locals runners

- stress cardiac test less than 2 years for: all runners aged over 35 years

The medical certificate check-up and EKG must be sent by email to Isabelle Paucot before the 1th January 2017 with adress i.paucot at le-treg.com. After that date, race registration will be canceled and registration fees will be lost and not reimbursable

In addition, runners will have to come to the race with original and hard copy of ALL medical documentation: medical check-up + EKG + cardiac stress tests + etc. - these documents will be  presented to medical staff before the race.

It is important for you to take the Start of le TREG® in perfect physical condition because a latent sickness can become far worse in the extreme conditions of the event and make rescue even harder.




Some formalities will be required to participate in the TREG® adventure


You will need a tourist visa to visit Chad.
Your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date and have at least 2 layers completely blank.
It will cost €70.



One vaccine will be indispensable: against Yellow Fever.
Another is strongly recommended: the DTP (Diphtheria - Tetanus - Poliomyelitis).
Preventive treatment against malaria is also advisable.