FEBRUARY 15-25, 2025


The TREG® is a long-distance trailrunning race, using a wide variety of sandy or stony desert terrain. The distance of this event is about 180km, with a positive altitude difference of about 2400 meters. The starting and finishing point is in Chad in the Ennedi region. This unknown and very preserved region is simply grandiose. It has simply incredible natural sites that give off a serenity conducive to the practice of trail running.


The TREG® takes place in one non-stop stage, in a loop, self-sufficient in food, at a free pace, in a limited time of 72 hours, coupled with time barriers. The navigation is done with a GPS (provided by the organisation). The start will be given on Wednesday 19 February 2025 at 07:00 from the race bivouac specially built for the occasion by the women of the region.


Two other races are organised in parallel to the TREG® in order to offer more accessible distances to a majority of runners:




 On the course, 8 checkpoints located every 20 to 30km will provide the runners with






Satellite beacons will ensure the safety of the competitors, who will be able to send out an alert in the event of an extreme emergency, as well as the organisation, which will be able to locate all the competitors at all times. Supporters and/or families of the runners will also have a link to follow the race live.



Why le TREG® ?


It is a contraction of the words "TRAIL" and "REG". The first refers to our favourite sport, the second to the fascinating desert areas. The TREG® has the ambition to become the reference for non-stop trails in the desert. So if you are looking for adventure, challenge, authenticity and conviviality, the TREG® is for you.


The TREG® can be defined by the following values:
Adventure - Authenticity - Conviviality - Solidarity - Safety - Respect for nature and people.




The TREG® is a self-sufficient, self-navigating, non-stop race over a distance of approximately 180km in conditions that are unusual for many runners, allowing them to surpass themselves without exceeding their limits. Isn't that what adventure is all about?




The TREG® takes place in the Ennedi region of Chad, which has not benefited from the Saharan tourism of the 2000s and remains untouched by tourism development. Majestic sites of incredible beauty are in their desert setting where time seems to be suspended! But the desert is alive and humbling!




The TREG® is done by trailers for trailers, seriously but without taking itself seriously. On the TREG®, you leave behind your worries and concerns to complete your challenge with a smile, in a joyful and good mood while making the most of the exchanges between the runners.




The TREG® shows solidarity with the populations that welcome us first of all because it generates income that directly benefits the inhabitants (site fees, construction of the start & finish bivouac, accommodation in family camps, etc.).
Like many difficult events, the TREG® allows for a natural solidarity between runners that makes them experience shared emotions comparable to no other.




Taking on challenges without putting yourself at risk could be the motto of the TREG®! An experienced medical team and adapted technology, all at the service of the runners, make it possible to reach this objective.


Respect for nature and its inhabitants 



The TREG® requires first and foremost to respect the desert and its inhabitants by not leaving any waste on the race route, without forgetting to respect the habits and traditions of our hosts. We integrate our sport into the environment and not the other way around.