The course of the TREG® 2023 will be similar to the 2018 course below with a start located in the canton of Nohi. The time barriers will be wide to allow as many people as possible to complete the event. 


The course will successively pass near the majestic sites of the region, in particular arches and magnificent gueltas*:




The course of the 3 races




The TREG® 180km



Le Treg 2018 parcours 180 km 50



The Half TREG® - 90km   



Le Treg 2018 parcours 90 km



The TREG® Marathon 45km



Le Treg 2018 parcours 45 km



* Guelta: A natural water spring found in particular in the mountainous massifs of the Sahara at the foot of shady cliffs protected from the sun. The Guelta brings freshness and shelter to nomadic travellers facing the harshness of the environment.




A few weeks before the events, we carry out a precise reconnaissance of the 3 TREG® race courses in order to collect the GPS points that will serve as a "guide" but also to confirm the topography of the area etc...