Le TREG® 2019 will be similar than 2018 with a departure in the same village of Nohi. It will look like an "eight" and with a lot of natural vistas. The competitors will be very happy of that. 

The course plans to pass successively close to the majestic sights of the region, especially arches and beautiful gueltas * as well was magnificent cave paintings:

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                                    Look on the track of the three races of Le TREG®

Le TREG® - 180km race


Le Treg 2018 parcours 180 km 50

Le Half TREG® - 90km race

Le Treg 2018 parcours 90 km 50 

Le TREG® Marathon - 45km race

Le Treg 2018 parcours 45 km 50

* Guelta : Wetlands. Resurgence of natural water encountered especially in the mountains of the Sahara at the foot of shaded cliffs protected from the sun. The guelta brings freshness and shelter for nomadic travellers faced with the harshness of the environment.

Some weeks before the races, we will carry out a specific recce of the course for Le TREG® to collect GPS points that you will use as a "guide" but also identify the topography to write up a road book describing, among other things the type of terrain encountered etc...