Successfully organising Le TREG® , requires many qualities, skills and experience which have come together in the team for Le TREG®.
Here are the founders of this difficult but passionate project:


  • Communication & Sponsorship - Le TREG®Jean-Philippe ALLAIRE
  • Businessman – Trekking in Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Chad for 10 years
  • Finisher UTMB (2008 2009 2012), Grand Raid des Pyrénées (2010 2011), 6000D, Templiers, Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise, ....
  • Hyperactive from birth – loves challenges – under the spell of Africa


Without them, nothing would be possible:

  • Head of the Medical Team
  • Anaethetist nurse only recently retired from hospital, but with a big-hearted passion for helping trailers to realise their challenges
  • Medical assistance on Lybian Challenge, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, Outback Race, 333, 555, RSO, TransAq, Canal Aventure, Raid des Trolls ...
  • Nicknamed "Isange" by riders for her health recovery skills.
  • Her goal : For all the trailers to be finishers thanks to her medical and psychological aid!


  • Marc and Guini provide local logistics 
    since the birth of Le TREG®
  • Marc: connoisseur of Chad, is a patient and persistent conductor. He manages and coordinates local teams intelligently so to advance all his stakeholders.
  • Guini: The boss of Toumay Voyages. Young and discreet, he is an essential element for the local organization. He is also the interface with the Chadian authorities.