Taking part in the SAHARA ALGERIA TREG, an event in an unusual environment, requires, in addition to suitable training, good health at the time of your participation.



A medical certificate less than one year old must be completed by a doctor, together with an ECG (electrocardiogram) or a stress test in accordance with the following rules:



ECG less than two years old (for all riders under 40 and for all local riders, whatever their age)



Stress test less than three years old for all riders over 40 years of age



The medical certificate and the ECG (Electrocardiogram) must be sent to Isabelle PAUCOT, no later than 30 September 2024, by e-mail to .



In addition, runners must take the originals or a COMPLETE copy of the following documents with them in their luggage: ECG - stress test - to present at the individual medical briefing.



It is important that you take the start of the TREG® events in perfect physical condition, as a latent ailment can worsen considerably in the extreme conditions of the event and make rescue even more difficult.



Competitors undertake to inform the medical team of any health problem, however minor, that they have encountered.


 Visas :


You will need a tourist visa to enter Algeria. It will cost you €110. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after the date of your return and have at least 1 completely blank page. Otherwise, you will need to start the passport renewal procedure again.



Lastly, take into account your travel schedule to manage the processing of your visa, which will take a minimum of 15 days. You will need to apply at your local consulate. An event-specific process will probably be implemented from June 2024.





No vaccinations are required to travel to Algeria.





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