Choose the race that suits you, all non-stop and self-guided by GPS:


ULTRA CABO VERDE TRAIL - 120KM - 7500m + - 57H



In a way, the crossing of the island of San Antao from west to east. You will cross 3 types of landscapes during your run: arid, lunar landscapes, then you will have the feeling of being in Reunion Island with steep, craggy paths, isolated from the world before finishing with landscapes worthy of Tuscany and its paved roads embroidered with yew trees pointing to the sky. You will not miss the coffee plantations and the immense palm trees that stand out against the blue sky.


You will have to accept the steep slopes and be careful on some vertiginous descents.


The finish will be judged after a big descent in front of the town hall of the village of Paul!




LONG CABO VERDE TRAIL - 80KM - 3500m + - 36H



In a way, the half crossing of the island of San Antao from west to east. You will walk the 2nd part of the Ultra Cabo Verde Trail, the greenest. The steep slopes will be part of the race and a mountain training will be necessary.




CABO VERDE TRAIL - 30KM - 2200m+ - 18H


For those who don't dare to take on the 120km Ultra Cabo Verde Trail, this equally steep event is a round trip from Paul to the Cova Crater. You can watch the start of the 120km the day before your race to get into the mood.




All races are open to hardy and somewhat trained walkers and/or hikers, with time limits calculated to allow them to finish each race.