L’office National de Promotion du Tourisme (ONPTA) has the ambition to make Chad, the country of Toumaï, an ideal and beloved destination.




The Chadian Athletics Federation has been a partner of the TREG in Chad since the 4th edition.

It supports the organization of our athletics event in Chad.





Total is active in Chad in the marketing of petroleum products and related services.

Total has a network of nearly 20 service stations and is also active in the marketing of lubricants and aviation fuel. Finally, Total also owns a gas filling center with a capacity of 8,000 cylinders per day and a hydrocarbon depot with a capacity of 6,450 m3



Modern Market is the largest shopping center in Chad located in N'Djaména (Mol Market) on an area of 4500m2. Modern Market's leitmotiv is customer satisfaction. Ziad Fadel, its creator, has been providing unfailing support to the TREG since the beginning thanks to Evian water and biscuits consumed by the runners at breakfast.



AIBC - International Brand for Africa plays a key role in the export of French branded food products to the African continent. In particular the brand EVIAN which is the water supply drink supplied to all competitors. Runners need a water rich in minerals because the ultra trail is very demanding with the bodies because of its distance and duration.




Les Brasseries du Tchad (BDT) is a company of the French Group Castel and employs more than 400 people spread between the sites of N'Djaména and Moundou in Chad. They produce beers such as Gala (since 1964) but also Castel, "33" Export, Guinness (under licence) and more recently Beaufort Light and Gala Ambrée; they are also specialised in Soft Drinks with their own brands such as Top or XXL and also produce under licence the brands of the Coca Cola group; Cristal and Eau Vive waters complete their range of products.



A recognised player in interim management for over 15 years, VALTUS selects the best experts for you. After studying your needs, they will find the key person among our 3,000 referenced managers.




SCGDA is an insurance brokerage firm. It provides repatriation insurance for competitors and members of the TREG organization .




Toumay Voyages takes you through CHAD since 1995. Toumay Voyages was co-organizer of the charter flights on Faya-Largeau. Toumay Voyages was at the origin of the creation of the TREG in Ennedi and ensures its logistics. Toumay Voyages is the receptive for many French, Belgian, Italian, Spanish, German, Austrian, Polish, Norwegian agencies... Toumay Voyages is a team of Chadian men and women proud to make you discover our country.



Deléage was founded in 1989 by Virginie de Neuville. Since that date, the company has been in constant development. Today, thanks to the latest innovations in textile sublimation, materials, cutting and printing techniques, Deléage offers you the best solutions for your decorations and events. In addition to advice, on-site marking and graphic simulation of projects, printing on the latest generation machines, the diversity of finishes offered and on-site installation make Deléage the reference company it has become today. In addition to creating the decor or the event of your dreams, Deléage's objective is to meet your expectations while taking into account the environment and safety specific to these trades,... and more.



Supplier of broadband telecommunications You  are an organizer of sports competitions and you are looking for a temporary telecommunications solution (Internet, telephony, Wi-Fi ...)? Our Temporary Internet solutions are adapted to your event! From a simple ADSL / SDSL line to fibre optics, up to 4G or satellite, we have reliable and fast solutions to set up temporary secure Wi-FI networks for you and your audience.




Lyophilise.com is the outdoor food specialist in Europe. You will find the biggest brands of freeze-dried meals but also a complete range of energy snacks (bars, dried fruits, dried meat...), kitchen utensils, survival rations... in short, everything you need to eat really well while carrying a minimum of weight in your adventures and sporting challenges in extreme situations as well as on the events organized by Le TREG.


With more than 300 savoury recipes, they offer a choice that is unequalled in Europe, but also a large available stock allowing them to deliver their customers in a very short time and to more than 30 destinations outside France. If you thought that freeze-dried meals were powdered and tasteless, they will change your mind for sure.




DOTVISION ensures the safety tracking and real-time ranking of competitors.




VK PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent and his team captured ground and aerial images of most of the TREG events using professional UAVs. They ensure the production and editing of video clips which are always magnificent and which transmit well the racing atmosphere and the atmosphere of our events.





In a "small" agency, the client is "bigger". With this in mind, their team translates each client's identity into the entire range of PR actions that are carried out, from product placement to brand communication advice and event organisation.  North Communication has been the Press Relations agency for TREG events since 2015.



Hugo is the graphic designer of the TREG® events. He designs the posters, banners, bibs, diplomas and all the other visuals that make up the image of our events.




These trailrunning races share the same values as Le TREG®.

Don't hesitate to visit their website and sign up for the adventure.