Medical :

A medical certificate less than one year old is required from all runners as well as an ECG (Electrocardiogram) or a stress test according to the following rules:

  - ECG less than two years old (for all runners registered for the 40km race and or who are under 40 years of age)

  - Effort test of less than three years for all runners registered for the 80 or 160km race who are over 40 years of age.


The medical certificate and the ECG (Electrocardiogram) must be sent to Isabelle PAUCOT, last deadline December 20th, 2020, by email to i.paucot@le-treg.com.


In addition, runners must bring in their luggage the originals or a COMPLETE copy of the documents: ECG - stress test to present at the individual medical briefing.


It is important that you start the TREG® events in perfect physical condition because a latent illness can become much worse in the extreme conditions of the event and make rescue even more difficult


Visas :

You will need a tourist visa to travel to Chad. It will cost you 70€. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after the date of your return and have at least 2 completely blank pages. Otherwise, you will have to start a passport renewal procedure again.
Finally, take into account your travels, to manage the your visa process which will take at least 10 days.

For those who wish, we can take care of your visas if we receive it before December 15th, 2020 by registered mail. If you want us to take care of it, please let us know by email.



In order to travel to Chad, you must be vaccinated against yellow fever and this is a condition for entry into the country. There can be quite long waiting times for an appointment at vaccination centres outside the Paris region so don't wait too long. If you have already been vaccinated, you should know that it is now valid for life.