Guini is the boss of the local agency Toumay Voyages. He is responsible for the local logistics of the ZAKOUMA SAFARI TRAIL. Thanks to his network, he knows how to solve all particular situations in Chad.




Marc is the logistics manager for the TREG® events: first in the Ennedi in Chad, then in the Simien Park in Ethiopia and finally for all the other events in preparation. As a creator of trips, he is keen to involve as much as possible the inhabitants of the regions in our events.




Isabelle is the medical manager of the TREG events but also of many other non-stop or stage races. Nicknamed "Isange" by the runners for her recuperative care, both physical and psychological, she will do her utmost to make you a finisher.




Mathieu is the doctor of the TREG® events and a member of the CLIIMM, the famous TREG medical team in the Ennedi of Chad. He is comfortable in any desert or mountain environment and will be the guarantor of the right medical decisions to be taken if necessary.



Caroline est la maman des épreuves du TREG®. Elle veillera sur vous dès le départ de Paris et aura à cœur de vous bichonner jusqu’au retour à Paris




Jean-Philippe is the creator of the 2 existing TREGs in the Ennedi of Chad and therefore in the Simien Park. He wishes to share the exceptional places that have amazed him with trailrunners in a sporting and festive atmosphere of sharing and exchange..