5 stages - about 125km


D1 - Saturday November 28th- Ethiopian Airlines flight direct to Addis Ababa at 9:45pm


Departure from Paris


D2 - Sunday, November 29th : Addis Ababa - Gondar



Arrival around 6:15 a.m. in Addis Ababa -


Transfer to the national airport to take the morning flight to Gondar, the former capital of the Amhara country north of Lake Tana.  - Installation at the hotel - Visit of the monuments of the city - GPS Training - GPS and bibs collect.


         Sunday, November 29th in the morning : Regrouping of the trailrunners who come by their own means


Evening meal and night at the hotel.


D3- Monday November 30th : 1st stage : Tikel Dingua - Kossoyé

25km - 1200mD+ - Altitude between 2300 and 2700m


Transfer by minibus very early in the morning to Tikel Dingua (about 20 minutes) Stage with difference in altitude on the mountain paths, stony with a few passages on the ledge, passable by pack animals. Meeting on the trail of groups of villagers with pack donkeys, Transfer by minibus after the stage to Debarek (about 45 min)


D 4 - Tuesday, December 1st :  2nd stage - Debarek - Sankaber -

21 km - 810m D+ - Altitude between 2700 and 3200m

Transfer by minibus very early in the morning to Debarek (about 45 mn) Meeting with our park scouts who will give us the rules of the National Park. Departure to the start located at the exit of the city. You will go on the stage to the entrance of the park and then to the camp of Sankaber. First part of the race on high altitude terrain open to the park's interior plains, and the few villages within. Very quickly we climb the buttresses of the massif to reach the entrance of the National Park. We will cross the trail at Simien Lodge to finish on Sankaber by the spectacular Corniche trail. Overnight at Sankaber camp in tents. Large communities of Geladas baboons live not far from the camp.

D 5 - Wednesday, December 2nd : 3rd stage - Sankaber - Gich - Ihmet Gogo - Cheneck

         27 km approximately - 1370mD+, Altitude between 3200 and 3600m

Through immense plains of altitude, on the lawns we leave towards a misty breach, of Ihmet Gogo, the most grandiose panorama of the Simiens. Be careful, we will stay in the 4000 meters of altitude, on the ledges with more than 1500 meters of cliff. Night at Chenek camp among the Gelada baboons. Meal prepared by the cooks. Afternoon botanical scouting for those who have already arrived etc...

D6 - Thursday, December 3rd - Chenek - Bwahit Pass - Ras Bhawit - Chenek - 4th stage

          25 km approximately - 1370mD+, Altitude between 3200 and 3600m

Highest point of this stage 4070 meters in the heart of the park

After the climb of Rash Bhawit peak, we will go in the other side of the mountain during approx 18km before coming back to the Bhawit Pass and go down to the Chenek camp.

Night at Chenek's camp among the Gelada baboons. Meal prepared by the cooks. Afternoon botanical scouting for those who have already arrived.

D7 : Friday, December 4th - Chenek - Sankaber - 5th stage

28 km - 580m d+ - Altitude between 3600 and 3200m


Final stage with a return to Sankaber mostly downhill after a climb of some kilometers just after the departure from Chenek. A smooth rolling track. In the afternoon 3 hours drive back to Gondar. Installation at the hotel.


D8 : Saturday, December 5th : Lalibela - the Ethiopian Jerusalem


Sightseeing day - Flight to Lalibela - Installation and beginning of the visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, highly touristic, but it is a real unique architectural treasure. The site of Lalibela reproduces the holy places of Jerusalem, connected by a system of galleries and underground passages on either side of a river called the Jordan River. Visit to the first group of churches, known as the Northern Churches Group. "Bet Medhanialem" is the largest, supported by 72 pillars and houses the golden cross of Lalibela which weighs 7 kg. You will take the tunnel from Bet Medihanialem to Bet Mariam. In this tunnel there is a pillar which Jesus Christ is said to have leaned against when he appeared in a vision of King Lalibela. You will visit Bet Danaghel, a chapel built in honor of martyred nuns... As you will have seen in the morning, each church has its own history, enriched by legends that are powerfully rooted in popular culture. You will start your visit with "Beta Amanuel", considered to be the most beautiful monolithic Ethiopian church, of Axumite style, "Beta Merkorios", "Beta Gabriel and Raphael" and "Beta Abba Libanos" which according to the traditions, is a church said to have been built in only one night by Kebre Meskel, the wife of King Lalibela, with the help of angels. Finally, you will finish with the most famous church in the form of a cross: "Beta Ghiorghis". Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to appreciate religious paintings, symbols and enigmas decorating the churches of Lalibela. Closing evening and award ceremony Night at the hotel


D9 - Sunday, December 6th - Lalibela - Addis Abeba

Flight to Addis Ababa in the morning. Visits to the Ethiopian capital whose name means "New Flower" in Oromo.

Circus evening with the Fekat Circus company that works with street children. Dinner and transfer to the airport for the night flight. 


D10 - Monday, December 7th


       Back to Paris

Arrival in Paris around 6:00 am