November 28th - 7 December 7th, 2020


The TREG team would like to offer you here a new and original trailrunning  destination with  breathtaking landscapes, a very natural environment, proximity to our guests and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The TREG SIMIEN TRAIL (TST) take place in one of the 2 countries of runners in the world: Ethiopia.


During a 9-day trip, you will participate in a race of about 125km in 5 stages in the heart of a Natural Park at altitudes between 2200m and 4430m. The main difficulty will be the altitude and it will end with a sightseeing day visiting the world famous site of Lalibela and its buried churches.




The Environment


The  Simiens National Park: An outstanding universal value


The Simien National Park in northern Ethiopia is a spectacular landscape, where massive erosion over millions of years has formed rugged peaks, deep valleys and precipices up to 1500 m deep.


The north cliff is almost 35 km long. The spectacular scenery of the Simien Mountains is considered a rival to the Colorado Grand Canyon.


The park also includes the 10th highest peak in Africa, the Ras Dejen, which rises to 4553m above sea level.


The park is very important for biodiversity conservation as it is home to endangered species, including Walia ibex, a mountain goat found nowhere else, Gelada baboon and Ethiopian wolf.


Tekel Dinga - Wanané and Kossoyé


Between Gondar and Simien National Park, the high plateaus rise and break up, drawing vertiginous gorges and steep crests. Villages cling to the fertile land that forms small plateaus, a heavily inhabited mountain with hundreds of trails.


Ideal for trail running, we are the first to run through these historic lands dear to Haile Gebrselassie. The people along the way are waiting for us and we will share many moments of life, an exclusive TREG way of run which mixes, physical effort and discovery of a region thanks to the involvement of its inhabitants.