region ennediTHE ENNEDI

Chad is a great country that stretches from north to south over 2000 km. The northern third of the country is a mixture of arid zone and the Sahara desert with some mountain ranges such as the Tibesti and Ennedi. Farther south lies the Sahel where rainfall is greater and where the capital N'Djamena and Lake Chad are located. Further south, there is a savannah where rainfall can be significant and it is there, in the southwest that on average the densities are highest.





Le TREG® will take place in the region of Ennedi, one of the 22 regions of Chad. It was part of the former Administrative Region BET (Borku, Tibesti, Ennedi) whose prefecture is Fada. There are about 175,000 inhabitants.




After the crossing of the Djourab, Le TREG® will come to life south of the town of Fada, capital of the sub-region of the Ennedi.





Here are some video links showing the landscapes where Le TREG® will take place:

envoye special  Ushuaia_imagette rdvti

Envoyé Spécial report filmed in the Ennedi

Broadcast by Ushuaia Nature – CHAD the hope of Life

Broadcast by Rendez Vous en Terre Inconnue - French actress with the Gorane ethnic group in Ennedi



On Wikipédia, here is what is stated:

toublous« The Toubou live in the Tibesti Massif in regions Borku of Ennedi and Tibesti in northern Chad and in the Kanem and in the east of the Republic of Niger in particular departments of N 'Guigmi, N'Gourti and Bilma. At Bilma, there are small groups: Djado Seguedine, Aney, Emitchouma, Achenouma, Argui, Dirkou Chimindour, Beza, Agueur, Bilma Zoo Baba and Fachi, where they are often called "Guezibida" because of their sedentary nature or their interbreeding with the Kanuri.

They were also present in the southern oases of Libya, and south-west of Egypt (until 1920). They occupy a vast region of 1.3 million km2.


clan toubouThe Toubous were originally divided up into 36 clans, currently about 50 clans.

The Toubou clan is a group of men and women free and independent, scattered, of different backgrounds but united by marriage.

The characteristic signs of the clan are: name, nickname, emblem or mark, and a caption that summarizes the origin or history ».




Our arrival base is Faya-Largeau, former colonial town, with its airport which enables Point-Afrique’s incoming flights from Marseilles.
This is what is stated in Wikipedia:


"Originally called Faya, the city was renamed Largeau during colonization, named after Colonel Stephen Largeau. When Chad regained independence, the city took the name of Faya-Largeau.
It was taken by Libyan troops in 1975 during the war between the two countries when Libya annexed the Aozou band, it was taken over by Hissène Habré's forces in 1980 and again captured the Libyan armed forces in 1983, who built an air base there that was bombed by the French Air Force. Libya finally left the area in 1987 after a Chadian offensive".


 faya et fada