actu du treg



Successfully organising Le TREG® , requires many qualities, skills and experience which have come together in the team for Le TREG®.
Here are the founders of this difficult but passionate project:


  • Communication & Sponsorship - Le TREG®Jean-Philippe ALLAIRE
  • Businessman – Trekking in Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Chad for 10 years
  • Finisher UTMB (2008 2009 2012), Grand Raid des Pyrénées (2010 2011), 6000D, Templiers, Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise, ....
  • Hyperactive from birth – loves challenges – under the spell of Africa


Without them, nothing would be possible:

  • Head of the Medical Team
  • Anaethetist nurse only recently retired from hospital, but with a big-hearted passion for helping trailers to realise their challenges
  • Medical assistance on Lybian Challenge, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, Outback Race, 333, 555, RSO, TransAq, Canal Aventure, Raid des Trolls ...
  • Nicknamed "Isange" by riders for her health recovery skills.
  • Her goal : For all the trailers to be finishers thanks to her medical and psychological aid!


  • Marc and Guini provide local logistics 
    since the birth of Le TREG®
  • Marc: connoisseur of Chad, is a patient and persistent conductor. He manages and coordinates local teams intelligently so to advance all his stakeholders.
  • Guini: The boss of Toumay Voyages. Young and discreet, he is an essential element for the local organization. He is also the interface with the Chadian authorities.








Trekking  au Maroc, Mauritanie, Mali, Tchad depuis 10 ans